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gHive is a public benefit corporation that strives to expand access to progressive approaches to mental health.

We envision a world where every person who has experienced a traumatic event has access to comprehensive, high quality care that provides every opportunity for recovery. To achieve this, we increase access to progressive trauma prevention, training, and treatment services on a global scale.

The idea for gHive was born in Rwanda, Africa. It was here where the three co-founders first met.

Athena Phillips and Dr. Tiffany Ryan have visited the country several times. Ms. Phillips is a renowned clinical social worker and founder of the prestigious Integrative Trauma Treatment Center in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Ryan is also a social worker who, after a career as an academic, became an entrepreneur and founded Yomassage, an innovative Portland-based start-up that makes therapeutic touch accessible through a combination of touch, gentle stretch, and mindfulness.

In Rwanda, the two responded to requests of local and international mental health professionals alike to provide multicultural training courses in their specialty area, progressive approaches to trauma and related challenges. They also helped more generally to develop the capacity of East African clinicians of the mHub.

In this capacity, they met the third co-founder, Dr. Michael Grosspietsch from Berlin, Germany. Dr. Grosspietsch, an international development expert, has made it his life’s mission to develop social entrepreneurship solutions to some of the most pressing development challenges. As the founder of both GEI and mHub, he already had a long history of successful interventions in mental health, both in Rwanda and globally.

Realizing that they shared a common passion, the three co-founders decided to create gHive as an emerging international leader in progressive approaches to prevention, training, and treatment for trauma and related challenges on a global scale.